Hand Crafted Goat Milk Soaps

100% Natural   Multiple Scents

At Sunesta our soap starts with our Nubian goats. They are fed only the very best natural feed and minerals that are non-GMO.

We feel that the Nubian goats produces the very best milk, giving us the richest and creamiest milk we can offer to the soap. Goat milk is extraordinarily gentle even for allergy sufferers and the driest of skin types.

The properties that are found in Goat milk soap are loaded with essential nutrient and vitamins like B1, B6, B12, E, C, and minerals as well as enzymes.

The addition of goat milk in our soap has given us the closest pH level to our skin, hair, and nails. This helps to protect us from invading bacteria and chemicals.

​Alpha-hydroxides are also contained in goat milk, which restores your skin to look and feel smoother silkier and younger. Using goat milk adds a rich and creamy texture to the soap, giving you a luxurious feeling every time you bathe or shower. By using goat milk in our soaps, it will help nourish and revitalize your skin.

Recent studies using goat milk soap have been proven to reduce and effectively treat acne.

Our handmade cold processed soaps are free from additives like alcohol, petroleum, and preservatives. 

Cold Processed soap is also the most environmentally friendly soap made.

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